Before we begin the process of applying, we, the founders of Cannon Fodder, would like to welcome and thank you for taking the time to show an interest in our clan. We are a community of like minded members and players that strive to promote a friendly, fair, mature and enjoyable gaming atmosphere for all.

We look for quality over quantity but when we say quality, we are not speaking of your gaming skill but rather the quality of your character. If you are a person of good nature and good intentions then please apply. We're always more than happy to take on new members! When it comes down to player skill, you can be the newest gamer in the world or have the gaming equivalent of two left feet - we don't care, as long as your attitude is right!

To enlist with us is quite simple, complete fully and submit this application form and you will be assigned the role of 'Recruit'. Play on our server, join our Teamspeak, introduce yourself on the forums and get to know your fellow members. Your behavior and attitude will be watched closely over a period of time, long enough to give everybody enough time to form a rounded opinion of you. At the end of this trial period the powers-that-be will discuss your application and you will be accepted or declined.

If it's a no, sorry you're not what we're looking for; no hard feelings! If it's a yes, congratulations you are then promoted to the rank of 'Private' and you are then recognised as full member of Cannon Fodder and welcomed to the fold. Sound fair? Great, please continue and good luck on moving up the ranks!

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